East View Housing uses Life Plans to work with people to help them to think about their present situation and to plan and organise their future. A life plan is worked on by the individual and their key worker to gather information about what is important to them, examples would include:

  • Who you are and what you like to do
  • Things you like and don’t like
  • How you prefer to live your life
  • If you need support, how you would like to be supported and in what areas
  • Other people who are important to you – these may be family, friends and support workers
  • Things you enjoy doing – you may have a job, go to clubs, see friends or go swimming
  • What your plans are for the future – this could be to find employment, live independently in your own home or to gain a qualification. We would also work with you to plan how you can achieve your plans.
  • People who you have chosen to provide you with your health care – details of your doctor, dentist, optician and any details of treatment plans.

Life plans are reviewed and updated regularly so that any changes in your support or plans can be acted upon quickly, this is important so that staff continue to support and work with you in the way in which you have chosen. Life plans are based on a person centred approach to help you stay in control of your life.

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