All individuals who live within East View Housing’s residential services are allocated a named key worker. A key worker is a trained member of the support staff team whose role is to ensure that the person’s needs are being met. The key worker acts as the middle person between the individual and the wider staffing team and their main responsibilities are:

  • To build a close, positive and supportive relationship with the person and to get to know them well.
  • If necessary, to advocate for the individual and to work with others such as staff, families, social services and professionals on the person’s behalf to ensure that a quality service is maintained.
  • To ensure that the Life Plan is developed and followed by the staff team.
  • To review and update the Life Plan with the individual. To support the individual in maintaining positive contact with family and friends.
  • To ensure that any necessary records are correct and maintained To maximise opportunities for the person to accomplish their plans and full potential. To aid in communication.

Key workers play an integral role in an individual’s life and in supporting the staffing team who work in the home to ensure that a high quality personalised service is maintained.