A beautifully spacious home set in the heart of the community in quiet residential surroundings

5 High Beech Close is a fantastic service based in a popular residential area on the High Beech Estate. This is a modern home and its colourful and exciting interior design has been based around the choices of the residents. The individuals who live here are quite rightly proud of their home, and all participate with its upkeep. 

The home is set in delightful surroundings in North St. Leonards with easy access to local facilities. There are easy to reach travel links and the local shops are within walking distance. 

5 High Beech Close is registered as a Residential Care Home with the C.Q.C (Care Quality Commission). The home is set out with 4 large independently styled bedrooms with ample reception areas, creating an ideal living space which enhances independent living skills.

We are a unique organisation, as our philosophy has always been to provide small homes, allowing the residents to receive a service which can be individually tailored to their needs. Our committed staff team are available 24 hours a day and if an individuals needs change, then so do our levels of support.

A service of the highest quality is our main aim, and it’s a commitment we make to all those residing in our services. 


  • A superior home in the heart of the community 
  • 24 Hour support
  • Registered with the C.Q.C (Care Quality Commission)
Manager: Sarah Craske
Staff Ratio: Two-to-four
Resident Age: 21+ | Resident Gender: Male/Female