East View Housing Management Ltd was founded in 1989 to provide quality care and support in the community for people with learning disabilities and needs that challenge.

Ed and Claire Sayer established the Company. For several years Ed and Claire worked in what could be considered as large institutions, the facilities and service offered to the service users was considered quite good, although due to the amount of people living within the service and the staff available, it was not always possible to provide the level of support needed.

This situation inspired Ed and Claire to consider alternatives and in 1989, in conjunction with the newly developed Community Care Act 1990, they purchased 27 Alexandra Road. This service was designed for three service users, giving individuals the opportunity to live their lives within a small comfortable establishment in the heart of the community. This small home enabled the service users the chance to develop personal life skills, an opportunity for individuality, choice, inclusion and personal development. It was not long before they had built up a very positive reputation, known for delivering excellent quality and high standards of care.

Naturally the company began to expand, and at this time East View Housing Management Ltd provides accommodation for 47 service users with a variety of needs and employs over 95 employees in various capacities.

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